September 2017  
Upcoming Events


Staff Meeting
1:00 PM
Our church staff meets weekly in the office suite to consider upcoming calendaring and publication planning. If you have an event, question, or other input please notify the staff before 12:30 on Tuesdays.


CP Achievers
11:00 AM
Buns over Texas
Games in Fellowship Hall
Bible Study - Paul's Prison Letters
6:00 PM
Dowe Mayfield will lead us through Paul's passion for the Gospel as he shared letters with new churches while he was confined in Rome.
7:00 PM
Bible Search
Personnel Ministry Team
Team Leader: Richard Trussell

Personnel Ministry Team


Vision: to oversee, equip and evaluate key leadership and staff, both professional and contract by paying attention to the work environment, staff interaction and effectiveness, and achievement of ministry objectives.  They will facilitate the appropriate attainment and dismissal of professional and contract workers, including mediating and solving work-related concerns.


Key Words: contract, annual evaluations, performance measurements, appropriate compensation, hiring and firing, staff relations, personal productivity, work environment, sabbaticals, vacation time, sick days, benefits, housing allowance, reimbursement policy, car allowances, insurance, background checks, interviews, personnel files, grievance procedure,  


Key Activities: Collect and Maintain appropriate personnel files, Conduct annual staff evaluation including review of compensation, Monitor job performance with appropriate system of feedback, inform the congregation of leaders and their responsibilities and contact information


Helpful Spiritual Gifts: Knowledge, Discernment of Spirits, Helps, Administration, Service


In one sentence: Our Personnel Ministry focuses on helping people find ministries, both professional and volunteer, for which they are best suited, taking in to consideration spiritual gifts, experience, passion and performance.