September 2017  
Upcoming Events


Staff Meeting
1:00 PM
Our church staff meets weekly in the office suite to consider upcoming calendaring and publication planning. If you have an event, question, or other input please notify the staff before 12:30 on Tuesdays.


CP Achievers
11:00 AM
Buns over Texas
Games in Fellowship Hall
Bible Study - Paul's Prison Letters
6:00 PM
Dowe Mayfield will lead us through Paul's passion for the Gospel as he shared letters with new churches while he was confined in Rome.
7:00 PM
Bible Search
Pantry of Care


Pantry of Care
The Cumberland Presbyterian Pantry of Care is an outreach ministry created to provide assistance to families or individuals who are in need of assistance with meals.  We have a strong desire to provide assistance in the prevention of hunger in our community.  
The program was initially created to provide members of our congregation, who were receiving Meals on Wheels during the week, a solution for the weekends.  The program quickly expanded, as many additional needs were identified.  Pantry of Care has provided financial assistance to the South Plains Food Bank to support the Lubbock area community and to the Breedlove Dehydration Center to provide assistance on a global basis.  This program is funded through private donations and fundraising activities at our annual Pumpkin Patch during the month of October.
Pantry of Care is open to anyone who has a need for assistance, by providing nutritiously prepared, frozen casseroles, soups, desserts, etc.  Whether you have a physical, financial, or spiritual need, we are here to help.  If we can be of assistance to you, please contact the church office